Dear visitor,
Thank you for visiting my website. Here you can see my work and get more information about my paintings. A large part of my paintings are made with strong vibrant colors, but I also do more subtle paintings. I guess you could call some of my paintings Pop Art and others impressionistic. I have done paintings for The Royal Danish Family and large scale projects like the Long Beach Cruise Terminal and enjoy being involved in such projects. Painting is just one of many things I enjoy to create. Please visit my other sites to see creations. Please do  not hesitate to contact me.


Painting for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
For the transformation and renovation of a Waikiki Beach Hotel in Hawaii, Mads was involved in creating a mural. The large painting measures 17x5ft and was installed...>more>


Barcode 12x12in
High Quality Reproductions

I am now able to offer high quality reproductions of my work. I use a professional HP large format printer, that can print on both fine art paper and canvas.  Amazing ink technology that guarantees for example, if used on HP Proofing Gloss paper and displayed indoors under glass will take approximately 70 years before noticeable fading and staining will occur. This technology sets my reproductions apart from ordinary reproductions and ensures your investment. >more>

Dice 12x12in

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