To no surprise, it is really hot in Florida, so to be able to enjoy the outside, we decided to build a shade sail.

The material is called Easy Gardener Sun Screen Fabric and is available at Home Depot. It blocks the sun's UV rays by 75% and helps keep the shade area up to 15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.

Not only in the sun is the shade "cool", also in the evening, it provides a cozy tent feeling.

We made the posts from 2x8's and 4x4's. They were put in the ground with several bags of ready-mix concrete. The more the better, since there will be great load on the posts.

Polypropylene rope was used to attach the shade-sail to the posts along with turnbuckles, but many other UV resistant rope types could be used. 

We used two rolls of fabric and sewed them together with very durable and UV resistant thread and put in grommets.

The shade has been a huge success. We were able to get the shade we needed to enjoy being outside. Here in Florida we do experience strong winds now and then, and by using turnbuckles with hooks it is quick and easy to take down. 

The total cost for the materials for this project is around $500.